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Welcome Alina Iovcheva

Freitag, 09.09.2022

The Gender Sociology team at the Department of Sociology welcomes Dr. Alina Iovcheva (Petro Mohyla Black Sea University) to its ranks as part of the "Ukrainian Researchers at Risk Fellowship". She has been awarded one of the four-month fellowships for "Ukrainian Researchers at Risk" of the "Dimensions of Europeanisation" area of excellence. The scholarship is supported by the SOWI faculty.

Alina Iovcheva received her PhD in political science ("Gender equality in modern political processes of the Republic of Serbia and Ukraine") in 2013. She is currently an associate professor at the History Department of Petro Mohyla Black Sea University, head of the International Relations Office and executive director of the non-profit organisation "Together to develop".

Iovcheva regularly participates in Ukrainian and international projects, programmes and conferences, e.g. "Gender in politics" (Robert Shuman Institute, Hungary), Human Rights Umbrella (Ukraine-Sweden), Humanity in Action (Germany, Poland), "Reconciliation of Work, Personal and Private Life" (Serbia), "Eastern European Partnership" (Ukraine-Germany), "Political Mechanisms Providing 'Green Economy' in Germany" (Germany), "Ecology and Civil Society" (Ukraine-Germany). She is the executive director of the non-profit organisation "Together to develop", which focuses on scientific projects in the southern part of Ukraine. Iovcheva is a member of the "Ukrainian Association of European Studies".

Iovcheva is co-author of a monograph, she has also published methodological and didactic works, articles in both international and national journals and numerous articles in conference proceedings.

Link to the project at the Uni Graz

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