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Transfer from another University

If you want to transfer to Graz from a domestic or foreign university, where you have already been studying sociology, and continue (and finish) your course of studies, your courses have to be recognised and your credits (ECTS) have to be transferred. You can find a general guide here. The credits are transferred on UniGrazOnline. Please check our curriculum to find out which of the courses you have passed can be recognised.

We do our best to transfer all your credits, but some credits may get “lost” in the process. You can ask the chair of the Curriculum Committee of Sociology for advice during her office hours. Please bring with you a list of the courses you have passed.


Vorsitzende der Curriculakommission
Institut für Soziologie Universitätsstrasse 15, Bauteil G/IV
Ass. Prof. Mag. Dr. Sabine Haring Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 3552


Sprechstunde: Di, 10.00-12.00
oder nach Vereinbarung per E-Mail

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