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Buchpräsentation - Socially Embedded Emotions 10-4-2024

Donnerstag, 21.03.2024

Presentation of Current Research on Emotions within the Social and Political

Prof. Dr. Katharina Scherke and Dr. Derya Özkaya

10 April 2024, Wednesday


MORI Showroom

(Einspinnergasse 2, 8010 Graz)


Emotions become visible as social phenomena that are characterized by the social and cultural environment as well as having a decisive influence on it. At this event, Prof. Dr. Katharina Scherke will present her new book “Emotionssoziologie” (published in German) and show how sociology can contribute to a better understanding of human emotions. Following the book presentation, Dr. Derya Özkaya will discuss the politics of emotions in collective action and the affective dimensions of protest movements based on her empirical research on Turkey’s popular uprisings of 2013.

This joint discussion aims to demonstrate the need for interdisciplinary research on emotions as socially, politically, and historically embedded phenomena.

 Katharina Scherke is a university professor at the Institute of Sociology and the spokesperson of the interdisciplinary research focus and research network "Heterogeneity and Cohesion" at the University of Graz. More information about her new book and purchase options is available from: https://www.utb.de/doi/book/10.36198/9783838560496

Derya Özkaya is a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer at the Center for Southeast European Studies (CSEES) at the University of Graz. Her recent two chapters on the politics of affect and emotions during and in the aftermath of popular uprisings were published in the edited volume The Affective Dynamics of Mass Protests: Midan Moments and Political Transformation in Egypt and Turkey (Routledge, 2023).

 This event is organized by the Cluster “In/equalities” in the Field of Excellence "Dimensions of Europe" and the Research Network "Heterogeneity and Cohesion"

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