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RF 5: Economic Sociology

Members: Klaus Kraemer (Speaker), Linda Ahlers-Hirschmann, Jakob GasserLuka Jakelja, Nico Tackner

Former members: Mag. Se-Jun Kim, Dr. Sebastian Nessel, DDr. Florian Brugger

Brief description: This research area takes the social constitution of modern economies as the starting point of analysis. It seeks to understand the social constitution of central economic institutions, such as firms, markets, money or property. To do so, different sociological approaches are deployed. This research area sheds light on the following questions:

  • What are the social, political, institutional and cultural prerequisites of economic markets?
  • How do social conflicts and inequalities, interests, values, ideas, culture and conventions shape markets in general and companies in particular?
  • How can the creation, development, and decline of markets be sociologically explained?
  • Why is some exchange organised on a market basis while others are not?
  • How do social structures influence economic processes? How are social structures themselves influenced by economic developments?

The further development of theoretical concepts for the analysis of modern economies and their empirical assessment are at the core of this research area. Furthermore, empirical research concentrates on social problems in selected fields of the economy, including the workplace and the wider field of consumption.

Current research include:

  • Economic sociology in general and markets in particular
  • Sociology of financial markets and sociology of money
  • Analyses of modern capitalism
  • Transformation of work and employment, sociology of precarity
  • Research of consumer markets, consumption practices and consumer organisations



  • Apollo – Business Decision Excellence for self-improving Enterprises

  • Solidarity Barometer Styria - Extension until 2023 

  • WeDecide - Digitization and Operationalization of Decision Processes

  • Trusted money? A Sociological Study on Money Knowledge, Money Trust and Money Use

  • Labor market inclusion of people with disabilities. A survey of Styrian entrepreneurs on indicators of success

  • On the current state of consumer research in Austria

  • The European Banking System - An Economic Sociological Analysis

  • Wine and Meat. An Economic Sociological Investigation of the Emergence and Establishment of Status Markets on the Basis of the Styrian Wine and Meat Market

  • Children's use of money. Analyses of the sociology of money

  • Consumer organizations and markets

  • Assessing the socio-economic and socio-structural distributional effects of climate policy strategies at the household level

  • Sociology of Financial Markets


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