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Our department and other departments offer a wide range of courses in English for incoming Erasmus students who do not have sufficient knowledge of German. It may also be possible in many of the other courses taught in German to take the final exam or write the term paper in English. This depends on the English language competence of the lecturer.

On UniGrazOnline students can find a list of courses currently offered or offered in the past at our university. These courses can be filtered by language. Please note that not all courses in English are offered every semester.

The course programme for the forthcoming academic year is usually available from June each year. Syllabi (i.e. more detailed descriptions of the course programmes) are regularly posted on UniGrazOnline but some lecturers post them only at the start of the semester.

Most BA and MA courses are offered every semester; their content, however, may change from one semester to the next, especially if there is a different lecturer. The BA Forschungspraktikum (Research-Oriented Practical) and the MA Forschungswerkstatt (Research Laboratory) last two semesters.

The Office of International Relations handles Learning Agreements and any paperwork related to Erasmus and similar exchange programmes.

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